Fall 2018 PAC NW SABR Meeting Recap

The meeting was called to order at 12 PM by Tip Wonhoff. He thanked members and guests for being here. Bill Woodward welcomed everyone on behalf of Seattle Pacific University. Bob Russon made an announcement for the February Chapter meeting. It will be in Tualitin, Oregon. February 16, 2019, the meeting will be 12-5 PM on that Saturday of President's Day weekend. Tim Herlich, Treasurer provided an update on the state of the treasury and reviewed a possible January meeting centered around Edgard Martinez' eligibility and possible election. More will be posted about upcoming meetings both at this site and at our group Facebook page.

--Bob Dutton @ByBobDutton on Twitter– Inside the Press Box – Q&A With A Career MLB Beat Writer. Bob reviewed his career of more than 30 years, including time in Kansas City from 1982-2913 as well in Tacoma at the News Tribune, and as a Hall of Fame voter. Topics included the ways in which the voting body had stayed the same and in which its changed, such as moving from 15 to 10 votes. Bob took questions then from attendees, mostly covering recent and past Mariners baseball, and the history and future of the BBWAA. Favorite sports memories included Buck O'Neill's speech at the HOF and watching Secretariat at Belmont.

--Bill Woodward – Baseball In the Comics OR... Sparky Schulz's Game.  Bill reviewed the presence of the game in many comics, including the themes if Hope, Ritual, Life, Numbers, Failure, and stars and secret signs and stars and their fans. Bill showed how much these themes are and have been used to express larger ideas through the comic strip medium. Peanuts was well represented. Jargon, sabermetrics, on-field chatter, terms, and quotes from legends, including the twisting of famous bon mots in the form of caricature.

--Missy Booker – Dear Mr. Aaron from the Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American Culture. Missy presented on Aaron, Ruth, and the culture of America as Aaron hit his way into the record books. Missy showed the negative reactions, included disturbing hate mail Aaron received as he closed in on the record.

--Chuck Putnam – First Round Draft Picks: A 10-Year Overview (2009-2018). Chuck looked at the First Round picks of all teams during the time. He presented data on how many players from each made it to the majors, at least one game, and the migration of those players away from the team that drafted them. In addition, Chuck showed data looking rounds 1 through 10 as well during that timespan.

--Tim Herlich – 1918 – How U.S. Entry Into WWI Changed Baseball Forever. Tim looked at the impacts of the War on baseball, including areas of pennant race, labor negotiations, and season length in the 1917 and 1918 seasons. Tim also showed the possible impact of the War on the decision to use Ruth in a hitting role, setting in motion events which would change baseball forever.